Craftsman Tube Pipe Flaring Tool Set & Pipe Cutter.

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Craftsman Tube Pipe Flaring Tool Set & Pipe Cutter.


Craftsman No. 5537 Cu Tube Pipe Flaring Tool Set & Pipe Cuter No. 5533 with Springs. The brand 'Craftsman' was registered by 'Sears Holdings' on May 20, 1927, and products such as tools, workwear, and equipment for lawn and garden are manufactured under that line. Interestingly, the Marion-Craftsman Tool Company had trademarked that name originally, but the head of Sears hardware Arthur Barrows liked it so much that he reportedly purchased the rights to use it for $500.00. Consumers rate this line of tools second to Waterford Crystal in terms of quality in 2007. Its still America's most trusted brand name in tools, it was named the Reader's Choice in 'Popular Mechanics' magazine in 2009 and is the official tool brand of the DIY TV Network and NASCAR.

Item Code - TOO8D756LAZ

Width: 12 1/4"  Height: 2"  Depth: 7 1/2"  Weight: 3.021 kg

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