Duncan & Miller Ruby Red Glass Dish, Partitioned Into Three Sections.

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Duncan & Miller Ruby Red Glass Dish, Partitioned Into Three Sections. All Edges Are Smooth To The Touch, Lovely Shape, 1950s.


The method of making handmade glass at The Duncan & Miller Glass Company was not much different than that of the numerous small plants scattered in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Only the artistry of design, the skills of the workers, the batch formulas and the lovely colours have distinguished their glass from others of the time. Most pieces required that ten persons handle each piece. Some, like the famous Pall Mall swan, which is considered one of the finest pieces ever produced by any firm, required fourteen.

All the work came to an abrupt end on June 13, 1955. Mechanization and foreign imports made the production of fine hand made glass uneconomical and so the decision was made to close the plant. The remaining inventory was advertised for sale and people came hundreds of miles to buy the last pieces of Duncan & Miller hand-made glass at greatly reduced prices.

Item Code - GLA10B62322HAE

Width: 7 3/4"  Height: 1 7/8"  Depth: 7 3/4"  Weight: 693 g

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