E.G. Whitman & Co Peanut Butter Puffs Candy Tin Philadelphia, PA 1960s

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E.G. Whitman & Co Peanut Butter Puffs Candy Tin 1960s,  Located In Philadelphia, PA, Since 1854. 

Lovely Stylized Lid, Lady and Cat in Pink, Orange, White, and Black.


Back in 1917, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce distributed an educational pamphlet that noted the candy-making industry in the city had exploded from just 20 small stores in the early 1800s to more than 130 a century later, with a combined volume of more than $7 million (equivalent to around $175 million today).

It all started with the sugar trade, with Philadelphia being one of the key ports in the relatively unsavoury triangle swap of rum, slaves and molasses. During the Industrial Revolution, mechanized refineries sprung up all along the Delaware, and the newly-affordable refined sugar offered plucky entrepreneurs opportunities for retail confections businesses. Big names in the Philly scene included Quaker City Chocolate, Laurent & Maron, Wilbur and Whitman’s, all of which began producing “cream chocolates,” Jordan almonds and other decorative candies that were distributed far and wide. The nation’s first wholesale candy distributor, Casani Candy, began operations here in 1865.

Fast forward 150 years, Several of those businesses are still around, including Casani (though it has since moved across the river to Pennsauken, NJ), and a surprising number of sweets are still manufactured within the city limits. Many more are made nearby, even if the original families that started the companies have since been bought out by larger corporations.

Item Code - TIN6A1835MC 

Width: 5 1/8"  Height: 2 1/2"  Depth: 5 1/8"  Weight: 113 g

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