Fenton Amberina Brides Basket Pressed Glass Grape, Grape Leave Pattern

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Fenton Amberina Brides Basket, Pressed Glass, Grape and Grape Leave Pattern, Ruffled Edge, Mid-Century.

Grapes Have Traditionally Symbolized Abundance and Fertility.


Fenton has also produced huge quantities of glass in their so-called “hobnail” pattern.  Many, many colours were made including amberina, red, yellow, custard, blue,  and multi-coloured opalescent glass and milk glass.

Many of their vases, bowls, glass baskets, compotes and other types of glassware feature a lovely, attractive “ruffled”, “crimped” or “undulating” border.

Much of their later glass has been marked, usually with the name “FENTON” placed inside an oval, or an “F in an oval” on the base of the piece. 

Item Code - GLA10B217OAC

Width: 5 1/4"  Height: 7 3/4"  Depth: 6"  Weight: 532 g

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