Florence Ceramics, Woman Figure, Hand Brushed Gold and Red Glazes.

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Florence Ceramics, Woman Figure, Hand Brushed Gold and Red Glazes, Made In Pasadena California, Mid-Century.


Florence Ceramics was a Pasadena California based ceramic company in existence from 1942 to 1964. The company was established by Florence Ward after friends urged Florence to take up a hobby in an attempt to channel her grief after the loss of Florence & Clifford’s youngest son to streptococcus infection. Florence decided to take up modelling clay figurines in the family garage. Florence Ceramics operated in two smaller shops before moving to a modern 10,000 square foot facility located on South San Gabriel Boulevard in Pasadena. By 1946 the company was displaying figurines at Los Angeles gift shows and selling directly to retailers in San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, New York and Atlanta. Additionally, their figurines were sent to Hawaii, Canada, South America, and Europe.

The newly constructed plant incorporated in 1949 was years ahead of its time. The company’s workforce was one hundred strong and the self-imposed guidelines for comfort and safety of the employee was years ahead of even the most stringent laws as determined by government standards of today.

Representatives from well-known manufacturers in England and elsewhere journeyed to California to speak with Florence regarding the making of her figurines. It is believed that Florence Ceramics was the first ever to use china spray paint finishes. Previously finishes were brushed on by hand.

Florence Ceramics was also the first to hold actual patents on productions moulds for porcelain figurines. Like other companies ahead of their times, Florence Ceramics was plagued by companies making knock-offs of less quality and the company was forced to initiate lawsuits in order to stop the influx of these foreign inferior pieces. The barrage of cheap imports could not be stopped completely and Florence found it difficult to compete in the marketplace.

In 1964 Florence sold the building and kilns to Scipto but had the figurine moulds destroyed, thus making the Florence Ceramic Figurines very collectible as no more can be made.


Item Code - CER4D438HAB

Width: 5 1/2"  Height: 8 1/2"  Depth: 5 1/4"  Weight: 371 g

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