Hubley Foxy Grandpa Coin Bank, Cast Iron, Suit Tie Glasses Bowler Hat.

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Hubley Foxy Grandpa Coin Bank, Cast Iron, Wearing a Suit and Tie, Glasses and a Bowler Hat, 1900s.

Foxy Grandpa Originated as a Very Popular Comic Strip From 1900 To 1918. It Was about a Grandfather With Two Grandchildren Who Played Tricks On Each Other.



    From Charlie Chaplin's Slapsticking On The Silent Screen To The        Outlaws and Lawmen Riding The Wild West, Its Unmistakable Silhouette Has Made It as Much Of an Icon as Any Of Its Wearers.


The History Of Foxy Grandpa an American newspaper comic strip featuring an elderly gentleman and his two grandchildren.

Carl E. Schultze, whose popular nickname was "Bunny", signing his strips and books with that moniker, created the comic strip character Foxy Grandpa and the character first appeared in 1900 in the New York Herald paper. The comic was drawn in text comic style, with the text and dialogue written underneath the images.

Foxy Grandpa made its first appearance on January 7, 1900. The strip initially ran in the New York Herald, but it moved to the New York American on February 16, 1902.

Foxy Grandpa had numerous humorous adventures involving his grandchildren, Chub and Bunt. The grandchildren were somewhat similar to the Kattenzjammer kids but instead, Chub and Bunt focused their energies on trying to fool their Grandpa into humorous acts.

The boys, however, often failed, as their Grandpa would often foil their schemes and the tables would usually end up getting turned on the boys by Foxy Grandpa's wits and he was also shown to display remarkable acrobatic skills and techniques for an elderly gentleman.

Selchow and Righter licensed Foxy Grandpa for the Foxy Grandpa Hat Party Game (similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey) after 1900. Between 1901 and 1917, Foxy Grandpa was published in books, more than 30 volumes from four different publishers.

The strip was also adapted to Broadway Musical, (Foxy Grandpa [Musical, Original] opened in New York City Feb 17, 1902, and played through May 31, 1902, with a total of 125 performances) as well as an early silent film. With the Foxy Grandpa character played by stage performer Joseph Hart. In 1912, the strip was briefly distributed by the C.J. Mar Syndicate, but it was dropped in 1918.

In the typeset Foxy Grandpa's Stories, distributed by Newspaper Feature Syndicate, Foxy Grandpa was the narrator, appearing in a one-panel cartoon at the top of each column. This feature lasted through the 1920s and well into the 1930s. In 1929, the strip appeared in America's first comics periodical, The Funnies. 


An Added Tidbit

The bowler hat is said to have been designed in 1849 by the London hat-makers Thomas and William Bowler to fulfil an order placed by the company of hatters James Lock & Co, of St. James's, which had been commissioned by a customer to design a close-fitting, low-crowned hat to protect gamekeepers from low-hanging branches while on horseback at Holkham Hall, The Estate Of Thomas Coke, 1st Earl Of Leicester in Norfolk. The keepers had previously worn top hats, which were knocked off easily and damaged. The identity of the customer is less certain, with many suggesting it was William Coke. However, research performed by a younger relation of the 1st Earl casts doubt on this story, and it is now believed that the bowler was invented for Edward Coke, the younger brother of Thomas Coke, 2nd Earl Of Leicester When Edward Coke arrived in London on 17 December 1849 to collect his hat he reportedly placed it on the floor and stamped hard on it twice to test its strength, the hat withstood this test and Coke paid 12 shillings for it.

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Width: 2 1/2"  Height: 5 1/8"  Depth: 1 3/4"  Weight: 334 g

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