Italian 5 Lire 1949 'R', Gem BU Brilliant Uncirculated.

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Italian 5 Lire 1949 'R', Gem BU Brilliant Uncirculated.


Italy has a long History of Different Coinage Types, Which Spans Thousands of Years. Italy has Been Influential at a Coinage Point of View, The Florin, One of The Most Used Coinage Types in European History, was Struck in Florence in The 13th Century. Since Italy has Been for Centuries Divided Into Many City-States, They All Had Different Coinage Systems. The Lira was Made The Official Currency of Italy in 1861 After The Italian Unification or The Risorgimento Meaning "The Resurgence"), Was The Political and Social Movement That Consolidated Different States of The Italian Peninsula Into The Single State of The Kingdom Of Italy in The 19th Century. The Process Began in 1815 With The Congress of Vienna and Was Completed in 1871 When Rome Became The Capital of The Kingdom of Italy. The Lira Was Stopped Being Used in 2002. The Euro Coinage System Entered Circulation in Italy in 2002 and is Currently The Official Currency.

Obverse - Female Head Holding Torch Facing Right.

Reverse - Grape Cluster.

Edge Description - Reeded.

Item Code - CUR1E262FDZ9C6

Width: 1"  Height: 1"  Weight: 3 g

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