Japanese Footed Censer with Multiple Dragons and Figures, Signed.

  • $119.99 CAD

Japanese Footed Censer with Multiple Dragons and Figures, Signed.

Incense has become a very popular art form. The various scents we all probably used joss sticks but real incense is created from the resin of trees and is offered as granules or little pieces. You light charcoal and put a couple of 'drops' on the charcoal and the smoke rises and infuses the air with a wonderful scent. 

In Japan, they gave incense circles where the different smells are (almost) tested in a competitive environment. Remember to use no more than a couple of 'drops' as too much can smell sour.

Item Code - MIS4B17OAC

Width: 4 3/8"  Height: 5 1/4"  Depth: 2 3/8"  Weight: 178 g

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