Leather Stamping Set, a Variety Of Different Leather Stamps.

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Leather Stamping Set, a Variety Of Different Leather Stamps.

An inexpensive Basic Stamp Set That Is an Ideal Way To Introduce Youth Groups To The World Of Leathercraft. Includes Camouflage, Pear Shader, Beveler, Veiner, Seeder and Background Stamps.


The only type of leather suitable for carving is vegetable tanned, full-grain leather. This is because the vegetable tanning process allows the leather to absorb water, which is used to soften the leather before the carving process, and the grain of the leather is necessary to allow the leather to hold the shape after the carving process is complete. Other leathers lack these two essential qualities. While the process of cutting into the leather and pushing the edges of the cuts is relatively modern, marking wet leather has been around since the Roman period. There are some beautiful examples of Roman leather at Vindolanda near Hadrian's Wall and the book "Purses in Pieces" is very informative with some lovely examples of medieval carved leatherwork. Historically, tools for stamping leather would probably have been made out of bone, but would not have been too different from what we use today.

Item Code - TOO8D56AREA

Width: 7"  Height: 4 1/2"  Depth: 2 1/2"  Weight: 717 g

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