Lombok Indonesian Basket, Hand Woven Rattan, Carved Lizard Top Of Lid.

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Lombok Indonesian Basket, Lidded, Hand Woven Rattan, Triangle Pattern, Oval, Hand Carved Lizard Top Of Lid.


Typical Lombok Village Houses have few cupboards or cabinets, so baskets of all types and sizes were created and are still used for clothing and trinkets.

Lombok is the first island east of Bali, but it is quite different. The climate is drier and the channel between the two islands is deep. This puts Lombok on the east side of the Wallace Line which means that some of the plants and wildlife are related to those in Australia rather than Asia. Many of the native Sasak people practice Wektu Telu which combines aspects of Islam with Hindu-Buddhist beliefs. Other Sasaks practice Wektu Lima which is closer to orthodox Islam.

Lombok was colonized, first by the Balinese and then by the Dutch. Many Balinese families still live on the island and they do some of the carvings of the beautiful, curvilinear figures that decorate the baskets. Their family compounds are marked by the traditional Balinese Hindu shrines, daily offerings and the complex Balinese ceremonial cycle.

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Width: 12"  Height: 5"  Depth: 12"  Weight: 720 g

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