Oil Can, Round Base, Long Body Tapers In, Threaded Neck Vertical Spout

  • $29.99 CAD

Oil Can, Round Base, Long Body, Tapers In at The Shoulder, Short Threaded Neck, Above Thread Round Top, Ending with a Vertical Tapered Spout.


Oil cans come in a variety of designs, from a simple cylindrical disposable can, opened with a churchkey (or with a combined spout-opener) to a hemisphere base and tapered straight spout to more intricate designs with handles and push buttons, to the modern plastic bottle. In 2000, the 3 in 1 Oil can was redesigned to look like the early 20th-century design (hemisphere base with a tapered straight spout).

Item Code - TIN7C2705PVC

Width: 3"  Height: 6 5/8"  Depth: 3"  Weight: 108 g

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