Opalescent Console Bowl Rib Pattern Clear Glass Aqua Blue Opaque White

  • $109.99 CAD

Opalescent Console Bowl, Base Of The Bowl Clear Glass with a Starburst Pattern, Narrow Ribs Fanning Out From The Base, Colour Pattern Starting with Clear Glass, Than Fading To a Light Aqua Blue, Than To an Opaque White with a Touch Of Blue Right To The Lip. 


You have lots of choices with Console Bowls, Do you want them Flared?  Do you want Green, Golden Topaz, Amber, Clear Crystal, Pink or Blue?  What sort of Etching? You can even decide to get Oval Bowls, Square Bowls or Round!
Regardless which is your favourite, They are great to show off their Beautiful Designs, Colours and Shapes.

Item Code - GLA5C199HAE

Width: 11 5/8"  Height: 3 1/4"  Depth: 11 5/8"  Weight: 1.464 kg

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