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Oval-Cut Ruby Gemstone, Africa.

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Oval-Cut Ruby Gemstone, Africa.


Although Spinel has been Used In Jewellery Since Ancient Times, This Gemstone has only Recently Received The attention It Deserves. Before The Rise Of Modern Gemology In The Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries, Spinel was Often Identified as Corundum as they are Often Found In The Same Mines. Scientists Discovered it was a Completely Different Gemstone In The Late 18th Century. Nevertheless, these Minerals are Chemically Distinct. Subsequently, as Jewellery Enthusiasts were Told Some Of Their Treasured Rubies and Sapphires were Actually Spinels. One Of The Most Famous Examples Of This Mistaken Identity Is “The Black Prince’s Ruby”, The 170-Carat Irregular Spinel Bead that has Been In The British Royal Family’s Possession Since 1367. Today this Gem can Be Seen In The Imperial State Crown Alongside Other Famous Stones Such as The huge 317-Carat Cullinan II Diamond. 

Item Code - GEM11C3WUAF

Width: 2 3/4"  Height: 3 1/8"  Depth: 1 1/2"  Carats: 1,580  Weight: 316 g

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