Palestine 1 Mil Bronze 1939.

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Palestine 1 Mil Bronze 1939.


The Mil was a division of the Palestine Pound (1,000 mils = 1 pound), a currency used from 1927 - 1948 on account of the 'British Mandate For Palestine' which came into effect on September 29, 1923, drafted by the former League of Nations. It has since been replaced by the Israeli Lira and the Jordanian Dinar. They both formerly used a currency equivalent to the Mil the Israeli Peruta ending its use in 1960, and the Jordanian Fils ending its use in 1992.

Obverse - Inscription PALESTINE in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

Reverse Value and Plant.

Edge Plain.

Item Code - CUR1E122FDZ10A2

Width: 7/8"  Height: 7/8"  Weight: 4 g

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