Russian 3 Kopeks 1903.

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Russian 3 Kopeks 1903.



Crowned double imperial eagle within a circle.


Value flanked by stars within a beaded circle.

Edge Description 


A 'Kopeck' is a monetary unit of Russian currency and other countries that were apart of the former Soviet Union. 100 Kopecks is equal to 1 'Ruble'. Rubles trade with US Dollars at a rate of 1 Ruble to 32 Dollars. Therefore, 1 Kopeck is equal to 6.02214199 E-23 Dollars. The word Kopek, Kopeck, Copeck, or Kopeyka (in Russian: копейка, kopeyka) is a diminutive form of the Russian kop'yo (копьё) — meaning 'a spear'. The first Kopek coins were minted at Pskov and Novgorod from around 1534 continuing and displayed a horseman with a spear. In the 1540s and beyond, that horseman started bearing a crown. This change was probably made with the intention to represent Ivan 'The Terrible', the Grand Prince of all Russia of that time until 1547, and Tsar thereafter. However, in the 18th Century, it was replaced with the figure of St. George 'striking down a serpent' on the subsequent productions of the coin.

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Width: 1 1/8"  Height: 1 1/8"  Weight: 10 g

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