United States Marshal Oklahoma Terr Badge, Brass, Reversed Embossed.

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United States Marshal Oklahoma Territory Badge, Brass, Reversed Embossed.



Picture Of William Matthew Tilghman Jr. (July 4, 1854 – November 1, 1924) Was a Career Lawman, Gunfighter, and Politician In Kansas and Oklahoma During The Late 19th Century.


Tilghman was a Dodge City city marshal in the early 1880s and played a role in the Kansas County Seat Wars. In 1889 he moved to Oklahoma where he acquired several properties during a series of land Rushes. While serving as a Deputy U.S. Marshal in Oklahoma, he gained recognition for capturing the notorious outlaw Bill Doolin and helping to track and kill the other members of Doolin's gang, which made him famous as one of Oklahoma's Three Guardsmen. Tilghman died in 1924 at the age of 70 after being shot and killed by a corrupt prohibition agent on the streets of Cromwell, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma's Sheriff's whose primary role is as an officer of the court, provide full services, that is, providing traditional law-enforcement functions such as countywide patrol and investigations. As the chief peace officer of each of Oklahoma's 77 counties, the Sheriffs serve and execute all process, writs, precepts, and orders issued or made by lawful authorities, namely the courts. The Sheriff's Office also provides security for judges and courthouses. The Sheriffs are in charge of and have custody over the jail of their county, and all the prisoners in the jail are under the Sheriff's supervision, with the Sheriff serving as the county's jailer.

Under their law-enforcement responsibilities, the Sheriffs are responsible for ensuring that the peace is preserved, riots are suppressed, and that unlawful assemblies and insurrections are controlled throughout their county. To ensure justice is administered, the Sheriff is empowered to apprehend any person charged with a felony or breach of the peace and may attend any court within the county. The Sheriffs are also empowered to conscript any person or persons of their county that they may deem necessary to fulfil their duties.

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