Vase, Enamelled Green with Brown Highlights, Mid-Century.

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Vase, Enamelled Green with Brown Highlights, Bulbous Body, Narrows at Neck, Neck Slowly Flares Out To a Wide Round Lip, Mid-Century.


Enamelling is glass fused to metal at high heat. Vitreous enamels are finely ground glass, like fine sand (or even more finely pulverized and mixed with an oil or adhesive). They may be opaque or transparent, their colours come from the use of various oxides. Enamels are similar to ceramic glazes, except that, whereas glazes are in a raw state when applied to ceramics and go through chemical changes in the firing process that smelt them into the glass, enamels have already been smelted. The firing process simply melts them and fuses them to the metal.

Item Code - BRO5A161HAE

Width: 11 1/2"  Height: 22 1/4"  Depth: 8 1/4"  Weight: 2.250 kg

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