African Ghana Wall Mask, Woman with Braided Hair, Hand Carved Ebony.

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African Ghana Decorative Wall Mask, Woman with Braided Hair, Hand Carved Ebony.


Ebony trees are generally small and slow-growing. Demand for ebony wood is very high, it’s a high-quality hardwood that’s very hard, very strong, and most of all, very black. Low supply and high demand mean prices go way up. These high prices, coupled with the fact that a lot of the world’s ebony grows in third-world countries, only exacerbates the problem. (Take, for example, the illegal logging that occurred in Madagascar especially in the early 2000s, where people were literally risking life and limb to get rosewood and ebony logs smuggled out from protected national parks.)

Ideally, most modern industrialized nations harvest wood in such a way that it is sustainable. Certain areas are logged at certain rates to ensure that there will still be trees around to harvest and use for tomorrow. But given ebony’s slow growth rate, and the current rate of harvest, it’s easy to see why there’s a dark outlook for these dark woods.

Item Code - WOO6E662LAW

Width: 6 1/8"  Height: 15 1/2"  Depth: 3 1/2"  Weight: 1.163 kg

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