Chokwe Tribe Wood Carving, Full Female Figure, Natural Fibers Used.

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Chokwe Tribe Wood Carving, Full Female Figure, with Sunken and Concave Eye Sockets, Large, Partially Closed Almond-Shaped Eyes, Elongated, Slender Nose, Curved Ears, Flattened, Protruding Lips, Natural Fibers, Such as Plant-Based Materials Or Woven Textiles, are Used To adorn This Carving. The Diamond Shaped Symbols along The Front Of The Figure, Encapsulates The Cultural Heritage, Lineage, and Strength Of The Chokwe People and, It also Serves as a Powerful Reminder Of The Chokwe's History and Traditions.


The Chokwe Tribe, hailing from Angola, has a rich artistic tradition that includes remarkable wood carvings. The sculptors are skillfully crafted, and the figures, celebrate the concept of divine kingship. The carver creates beauty and elegance in their art, female wood carvings are not only artistic masterpieces but also vessels of cultural significance, reflecting the power, lineage, and beauty of this African Chokwe Tribe.

Item Code - WOO8A243HAE

Width: 6 1/2''  Height: 24''  Depth: 4 5/8''  Weight: 1.303 kg

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