African Kenya Turkana Headrest, Hand Carved, Very Old.

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African Kenya Turkana Headrest, Hand Carved, Very Old.


Back before modern stuffed pillows emerged, when the concept of headrests first began in ancient civilizations, wooden or stone pillows were quite common all across the world. It should be noted, the main function of these pillows was not for comfort as we know it today, 

Neck rests and headrests are personal items and status symbols that are widely used in Africa to keep the head and neck lifted up above the sleeping mat.  The height, size, and stability of the neck or headrest are carefully and personally designed for the individual owner for maximum comfort.  Durability is also an important feature, as the owners will frequently take the neck or head rest on their travels.

The simple difference between headrests and neck rests is that a headrest cradles the head and thereby straightens the neck to create a comfortable sleeping position, while a neck rest performs the same function by cradling the neck.  Both head and neck rest to keep the face and hair from getting dirty, and they help to preserve the expensive and elaborate hairstyles that serve as important symbols of high status in many African cultures.  Additionally, neck and headrests also hold spiritual symbolism, as they are believed to link the owner to the ground, and in some societies they are believed to function as “antennae” to the ancestors, serving as a channel by which ancestors transferred dreams to the owner.

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Width: 9 1/4"  Height: 6 1/2"  Depth: 3 1/2"  Weight: 418 g

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