African Landa Mask, Hand Carved, Decorative Wall Hanging, Beaded Work.

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African Landa Mask, Hand Carved, Decorative Wall Hanging, Beautiful Beaded Work.


The Landa Mask is named after the celebrated chief of the Toma people, who live in southeastern Guinea bordering Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Landa mask is believed to bring forth a better harvest and protect the land. The wood mask is adorned with beads.

African sculpture can often be described as monumental in that the figure or form is not separated from the wood or stone from which it is carved giving it a feel of heavy permanence.

The portrayal of the human form is not necessarily proportional but often strives to emphasize or exaggerate specific bodily characteristics that the sculptor is interested in communicating. They are often used as a form of communication between people and supernatural forces and beings.

Item Code - WOO6E449PAN

Width: 4 1/2"  Height: 16 1/4"  Depth: 3 1/4"  Weight: 535 g

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