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Art Deco Sterling Silver Jet Marcasite Brooch, Relief Crown Design.

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Art Deco Sterling Silver Jet Marcasite Brooch, Round Marcasite In Center, Surrounded By Silver Relief, Each Side Of Brooch Finished with a Crown Design, FAS Mark On Back.


The FAS mark appears on sterling silver jewellery that is also labelled as 925. FAS stands for fused alloy silver, meaning that a piece of sterling silver jewellery is infused with an alloy.

Jet has been found in many countries worldwide, including China, Siberia and the USA, to name but a few. It has also been found in other European countries including Germany and Spain. But the finest quality Jet has always come from England, around the north-east coast of Yorkshire, which is where W Hamond sources all their raw gemstone material.

In 1851, Whitby Jet was exhibited at the Great Exhibition, London and soon became coveted by a number of high-profile royal persons including the Queen of Bavaria and the Empress of France. But Whitby Jet's most prolific patron was to become Queen Victoria.

When her beloved Albert died in 1861, Victoria took to wearing Jet jewellery in remembrance of him and it soon became the etiquette to accessorize the period's elegant mourning fashion with jewellery made from the gemstone. So much so, that the only jewellery allowed to be worn in court during the period was Whitby Jet. It was at this time that James Storr established his very own Jet Jewellery boutique and W Hamond first opened its doors to the many fashionable ladies and gentlemen of the period

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Width: 1"  Height: 1 3/4"  Depth: 0       Weight: 11 g

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