Belt Buckle, Made By Bergamot Brass Works, Arkansas The Great Escape.

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Belt Buckle, Made By Bergamot Brass Works Inc, 1984, Made In The U.S.A, Arkansas The Great Escape Belt Buckle. Scene, Wildlife, 2 Deer, a Fish Jumping Out Of Water, and, a Group Of Ducks Flying Over Head.


Bergamot Brass Works Inc. is an active manufacturer based in Delavan, Wisconsin. It holds a significant place in the history of belt buckles. 

  1. Early Pioneer: Bergamot Brass Works was the first commercial maker of modern belt buckles to enter the market in the early 1970s.

  2. Materials and Plating: Most of their early buckles featured brass or pewter plating over a base metal. 

  3. Retail and Corporate Designs: Bergamot produced numerous retail designs, catering to individual consumers. 

Arkansas The Great Escape Belt Buckle” is not readily available, this buckle was part of Bergamot’s diverse designs. Belt buckles from Bergamot Brass Works are collectible and often reflect historical, cultural, or artistic themes. If you have this particular buckle, it could be a unique piece with its own story.

Item Code - JEW1C2530L2BAA

Width: 3 1/4''  Height: 2 1/4''  Depth: 5/8''  Weight: 147 g

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