Asian Hand Carved Statuettes Polychrome Male & Female Carrying Parcels

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Asian Hand Carved Statuettes, Polychrome, Male and Female, Carrying Parcels On There Back.


The word “polychrome” derives from the Greek “polu-” (meaning many) and “khrōma” (colour). Polychrome sculpture, fittingly, is originally associated with Ancient Greece and Rome and describes all manners of pigmented decoration, gilding, and the application of varied colour to a three-dimensional surface.

Polychrome wood is distributed throughout the world. Most cultures have developed techniques of iconographic representation in carved, painted wood of symbols and ideas that are important to them, as well as decorations that brighten functional pieces. For example, oceanic ceremonial masks painted canoes, and house decorations were painted wood. Peoples of Africa, North America, Central America, South America, India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea and Australia as well as others produced polychrome masks or carvings. Alaskan painted totem poles were produced beginning 200 to possibly 500 years ago. Polychrome wood carvings in Chinese Buddhist temples dating back to the Song period of 960 to 1279. Jesuit priests in Argentina produced polychrome carvings of saints.

Item Code - WOO2A261CRT

Male - Width: 3 5/8"  Height: 13"  Depth: 3 3/4"  Weight: 548 g

Female - Width: 3 1/4"  Height: 13"  Depth: 3 3/4"  Weight: 634 g

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