Black & White Portrait Of a Young Woman, By Beem, Greenville, Ohio.

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Black and White Portrait Of a Young Woman, By Beem The Artist, Greenville, Ohio.


R.D. BEEM, post office, Summit, was born in Jersey township, in 1822, July 19th, the son of William and Catherine Beem. William Beem was born in Alleghany County, Maryland, he came to Ohio about 1812, and settled in Jersey township, where he lived the remainder of his life, he died in 1857. R. D. Beem married Miss Chrisleva Myer, daughter of John and Fannie Myer of Maryland. Mr Myer came to Ohio about 1818.

The technical name for black-and-white photography is "monochrome" since it is all different shades of one colour. Black-and-white photography is popular with journalists and artists. It presents stark contrasts and a purer image. Black and white are often used in portraits and wedding pictures to provide a classic or historic look. Photographers choosing to shoot in black and white need to understand how it is different than colour photography.

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Width: 5 3/8"  Height: 11 3/8"  Depth: 1/16"  Weight: 42 g

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