Chinese, Dragon, Handcrafted From Teak Sawdust.

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Chinese, Dragon, Handcrafted From Teak Sawdust.


The beautiful compressed sawdust figurines are taken through a very specific process and careful attention to details is necessary to get the ideal look. The process involved mixing the specific wood dust such as Teak, Acacia, Mango, or Rubberwood with Glue or Resin. The figurine then astonishingly comes to life through the hand-sculpted motions of the artisan. 

The hollow-core dry-lacquer technique of sculpture was developed in China and enjoyed a sudden fluorescence in the Nara period. The technique required the creation of a rough clay-sculpted model on a wooden armature. This form was then covered with successive layers of lacquer-soaked hemp, each of which had to be dry before the next could be applied. Next, the back of the sculpture was cut open, the clay is broken out, and, if necessary, a fresh armature inserted. Final surface refinements and details were then added using a paste mix of lacquer, sawdust, flour, and ground incense. Pigments and gold leaf were used to colour the finished form. In addition, lacquer had the advantages of durability, insect resistance, and lightweight. Perhaps most importantly, this additive technique of sculpting offered a more easily managed range of plastic expression.

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Width: 4 5/8"  Height: 5 7/8"  Depth: 3 7/8"  Weight: 113 g

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