Cigarette Storage Box, Golf Themed, Markings WB MFG Co. 790 Underneath

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Cigarette Storage Box, Golf Themed, Markings 'WB MFG Co. 790' Underneath. 


Among the American Art Metal manufacturers, Weidlich Brothers applied for and received at least 67 patents for their designs, many of which were for jewellery boxes. They also received patents for the candlesticks, compotes, salt & pepper shakers, baskets, pitchers, spoons, perfumes, coffee pots, incense burners, bowls, clock cases, electric candles, inkwells, a Cigarette Dispenser, trophys. These patents occurred 1907-1940.

Item Code - LIG6B25841LJD

Width: 4 3/8"  Height: 3 5/8"  Depth: 1"  Weight: 590 g

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