Lighter, Bentley, Bakelite Butterscotch, Art Deco, Made In Austria.

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Lighter, Bentley, Bakelite Butterscotch Cigarette Lighter, Art Deco, Made In Austria.


Bentley lighters have an interesting history and are sought after by collectors. Here are some details about them:

Vintage Bentley Lighters: These lighters were made in Austria and come in various styles. Some are butane lighters, while others are art deco designs. They often feature elegant craftsmanship and unique finishes. You can find them in different colors, including silver tones and woodgrain patterns.

Butane Lighters: Bentley butane lighters are compact and portable. They may have an adjustable flame and come in different shapes and sizes.

Pipe Lighters: The Bentley pipe lighter is specifically designed for pipe smokers.

Table Lighters: Bentley also produced table lighters, which were meant for home use. These could be placed on a table or desk for convenient lighting.

Collectibility: Bentley lighters appeal to collectors due to their unique designs and historical significance.

Item Code - LIG7A4642CIA

Width: 3 1/4''  Height: 2''  Depth: 1 1/8''  Weight: 124 g

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