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Dietz No 2 D-Lite Kerosene Railroad Lamp.

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Dietz No 2 D-Lite Kerosene Railroad Lamp.


By far the most common type of old lamp, kerosene lamps were used across America from the 1860s until the 1930s. Kerosene, an inexpensive and reliable fuel source, became widely available after the discovery of the first oil well in Pennsylvania in 1859.

Kerosene lamps were produced in a greater variety of styles than other types of fluid lamps. However, every kerosene lamp has a reservoir to hold the kerosene (called a font in a lamp) though its shape will sometimes vary. Most kerosene lamps have a font shaped like a sphere, located just under the burner.

The abundance of kerosene lamps available at antique malls and stores ensure that most very nice kerosene lamps sell for under a hundred dollars. Unusual colours, shapes, or pairs of kerosene lamps tend to be more expensive.  Wiring a kerosene lamp for electricity does not negatively affect its value as long as the wiring is done by a professional and the original burners are retained.

Item Code - CAN13B175OAC

Width: 7 3/4"  Height: 14 1/4"  Depth: 7 5/8"  Weight: 1.265 kg

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