Tiffany and Co Cut Crystal Candlestick Holders, a Pair, Early, Signed.

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Tiffany and Co Cut Crystal Candlestick Holders, a Pair, Early, Signed.


Traditionally, the crystal was made with the addition of lead. The most prized lead crystal contains 24 per cent lead oxide which provides the optimum weight, hardness, and colour. The addition of lead oxide makes crystal softer than glass and allows crystal artisans to cut and bevel lead crystal with brilliant edges. Because of its softness lead crystal can be poured into moulds and used in sculptural components of awards and trophies. Lead crystal is also widely used in the production of fine crystal gifts such as vases, bowls, and bar wear.

Crystal Workmanship Techniques

Engraving is the process of cutting into the surface of an annealed glass object either by holding it against a rotating copper wheel fed with an abrasive or by scratching it, usually with a diamond.
Carving is the removal of crystal from the surface of an object by means of hand-held tools.
Cutting is the technique whereby crystal is removed from the surface of an object by grinding it with a rotating wheel made of stone, wood, or metal, and an abrasive suspended in liquid as the cutter holds the object against the upper, or top, side of the rotating wheel.
Sandblasting or Deep etching is an engraving technique which allows logo and text to be reproduced on crystal awards with great precision. Design is transferred to a stencil and attached to the crystal with special adhesives. Then abrasive sand is blasted to the stencilled award area at extreme pressure. The design is permanently engraved into the crystal with beautiful deep grooves.

Item Code - CAN10A24OAC

Width: 3 7/8" Height: 3" Depth: 3 5/16"  Weight: 309 g

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