Earrings, Clip-On, Silver, Image, Profile Of Woman, Long Braided Hair.

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Earrings, Clip-On, Silver, Image, Profile Of Woman with Long Braided Hair, Art Nouveau Revival.


In The Early 20th Century, Piercing Of The Ears was Considered Uncivilized, and Other Types Of Fittings were Invented. The Beginning Of Emancipation For Women! around The 1930s, The Clip-On was Invented, and Then Screw-On.

The Style Art Nouveau went Out Of Fashion, For The Most Part, Long Before The First World War, Paving The way For The Development Of Art Deco In The 1920s, But It Experienced a Popular Revival In The 1960s, Art Noveau Revival, and It Is Now Seen as an Important Predecessor If Not an Integral Component Of Modernism.

Item Code - JEW11C109FDZ1A2

Width:  [Each]  1 1/8" [Each]  Height: 1 3/8" [Each]  Depth: 5/8"  Total Weight: 14 g 

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