Japanese Wood Panel Heavily Hand Carved, Gold Gilded, Two Asian Women.

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Japanese Wood Panel, Heavily Hand Carved, Gold Gilded, Two Asian Women, One Painting On a Roll Of Rice Paper As The Other Observes, Large Piece.


The most original style of Japanese hanging scroll came from China. In Early China, Buddhist missionaries carried Buddhistic paintings to spread their religion. Until the reign of the Tang regime (618-907) of China, that kind of Buddhistic painting was used to be decorated and reinforced to be proof enough for carrying.

Chinese scroll painting is a very old art. The earliest known works were done thousands of years ago, and the idea might have originated with painted banners meant to hang in tombs. Artists at first used inks. Then the practice of wash painting, meaning brush or watercolour painting, was invented during the Tang Dynasty.

Item Code - WOO15B306HAB

Width: 17 3/4"  Height: 38 1/2"  Depth: 1 1/2"  Weight: 5.443 kg

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