Jewellery Box, Hand Carved Camel Bone, Inlaid Brass Lid, Brass Hinged.

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Jewellery Or Trinket Box, Made In The Middle East, Hand Carved Camel Bone, Inlaid Brass Design Lid, Sun, Center Of Sun, Etched Elephant Silhouette, Brass Hasp On The Outside which Can Fit a Padlock.


Beautiful carved polished bone and brass jewellery box. The box has a small hasp on the outside which can fit a padlock. The colours vary from ivory to chocolate brown. A very nice example of a trinket box of bone with an inlaid brass sun symbol on the lid, brass clasp and brass hinges.

In many parts of the world, gifts passed to a newly formed household for the new bride a dowry, whether it may be called that or not often set a course for marriage. Across the Middle East, where houses were traditionally sparsely furnished, such a dowry chest would often be placed in the woman’s area, where it could quietly continue to announce its status and serve as an item of practical furniture. Along with one or more large chests, the young bride would often bring a smaller box for her jewellery and makeup with decorative brass hinges and locks exported from India, often made in Damascus using camel bone or mother-of-pearl inlay, which have historically been favoured by wealthy Bedouins.

Item Code - JEW6C121OAC

Width: 3 7/8"  Height: 1 3/4"  Depth: 2 3/4"  Weight: 147 g

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