Kachina Masked Warrior, Handcrafted and Stitched, Pueblo Indians.

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Kachina Masked Warrior, Handcrafted and Stitched, Made with Wood, Clothe, Leather, Pueblo Indians.


The kachinas, or kachinam, are impersonated by elaborately costumed masked male members of the tribes who visit Pueblo villages the first half of the year. In a variety of ceremonies, they dance, sing, bring gifts to the children, and sometimes administer public scoldings. Although not worshipped, kachinas are greatly revered, and one of their main purposes is to bring rain for the spring crops. The term kachina also applies to cottonwood dolls made by the Hopi and Zuni that are exquisitely carved and dressed like the dancers. Originally intended to instruct the children, the finer carvings have become collector’s items. The name is also spelt katchina.

Item Code - FOL2A486PVC

Width: 4 3/4"  Height: 18"  Depth: 8 3/4"  Weight: 1.047 kg

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