Limoges Porcelain Trinket Box Cobalt Blue & 22K Gilt Gold, From France

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Limoges Porcelain, Early Piece, Trinket Box, Made In France, Cobalt Blue, 22K Gilt Gold Decorative Fragonard Design On Lid, Decorated around The Edge In Gold, Base Is Stamped, Limoges France, Porcelaine De Limoges.


The Limoges porcelain avidly sought by collectors today was actually produced by a number of factories in the Limoges region of France from the late 1700s until around 1930. Production did not cease in 1930, however. This arbitrary cutoff date simply denotes a change in the global economy when styles changed from very elaborate to more basic in design.

At one point in the 1920s, as many as 48 companies were producing wares marked Limoges, according to ceramics expert Mary Frank Gaston in The Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges. These pieces were not only marked denoting their origin. Many pieces had a number of different back or bottom stamps including factory marks, and decorating marks, and some had signatures indicating the individual who decorated each piece.

It's important to understand, however, that the factories operating in the Limoges region produced elaborately molded white wares as their primary output. These undecorated pieces, also known as "blanks," were taken to decorating studios away from the factory like that of Pickard or exported without decoration.

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Width: 4 1/8"  Height: 2"  Depth: 4 1/8"  Weight: 156 g

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