Masonic Cufflinks, Black & Gold, Square & Compass, Center The Letter G

  • $29.99 CAD

Masonic Cufflinks, Black and Gold, Symbol Represents a Square and Compass, and Center Of the Symbol is The Letter G.


Masons or Freemasons are a Fraternal Organisation of Men. The symbol these Cuff Links exhibits, the "Square and Compasses" and the most identifiable symbol for Freemasons, are Architects' tools and generally mean being "Square" to 'Ones' Actions', and "Compasses" or 'Circumscribe and Keep Oneself within Bounds with all Mankind'. The letter "G" in the center of the symbol is often present in English-speaking jurisdictions and the interpretation can differ depending on the jurisdiction. For example "God", "Great Architect of the Universe", and "Geometry" are among the most widely accepted interpretations of this letter.

Item Code - JEW11B167221S

Within Box - Width: 3"  Height: 1 1/8"  Depth: 2 3/8"  Total Weight: 59 g

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