Patch Box Silver, Hexagonal, Hinged Lid, Suspension Loop, 18th Century

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Patch Box, Sterling Silver Repousse, Hexagonal, Hinged Lid, Suspension Loop, Relief Of a Man and Women Courting, Surrounded By a Vine Relief, Post-Medieval 18th Century AD.


Patch Box, Small, Usually Rectangular, Sometimes Oval Box Used Mostly as a Receptacle For Beauty Patches. A Fashion That Became all The Rage From The 1600s Through To The Early 1800s, Especially In The 18th Century. During The Days Of Louis XV, Black Patches Made Of Gummed Taffeta would Be Pasted On The Skin as a "Beauty Mark," Which would Emphasize a Lady's Feature (and Sometimes Men) who wanted To Emphasize The Beauty Of The whiteness Of Their Skin.

Item Code - JEW6B755TA

Width: 1 3/8"  Height: 5/8"  Depth: 7/8"  Weight: 12 g 

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