Pendant, Round, Hand-Carved Black Obsidian, Detailed Relief Of Dragon.

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Pendant, Round, Hand-Carved Black Obsidian, Detailed Relief Of Dragon. Pure Black Obsidian Can Be Quite Rare Because More Often Than Not, The Rocks Will Include Some Inclusions Which Will Give It a Brownish, Yellowish, Or Reddish Colouring.


Obsidian is the most common form of natural glass and occurs in many attractive varieties. Since prehistoric times, people have used this material to make jewelry and carvings as well as practical objects, like knives.

Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass formed in the process of rapid quenching of volcanic material. Silica Rock Crystal comprises some 35 to 80 percent of this stone. The chemical composition of Obsidian is very similar to that of Granite, which was also rapidly cooled down which resulted in avoiding crystallization. In its red, brown, or black color, Obsidian is a compact amorphous mineral with hardness comparable to glass. Cristobalite crystals are often associated with some of the spotted Obsidian varieties.

Item Code - JAD4B2719WAR

Width: 2 1/8"  Height: 2 3/8"  Depth: 1/2"  Weight: 67 g

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