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Courting Couple Brooch, Oval Shaped, Transfer Of a Fragonard Painting.

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Porcelain Courting Couple Brooch, Oval Shaped, Transfer Of a Jean-Honoré Fragonard Painting, Signed Fragonard, Romantic Scene, Female and Male Dressed in 18th Century Attire, Framed In a Gold Floral Relief Pattern.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard was a Rococo Master. One Can Say That Fragonard was Rococo. The works Of This French Painter and Printmaker are Pure Exuberance and Hedonism. Combined with Loose Brushstrokes and Brilliant Colours, This Made Fragonard a Synonym Of The Style.

I have spotted more and more brooches turning up on the runway and the red carpet. Worn in the hair, on the neckline and with deep v backs, pinned to the waist of a dress or gown or scattered overall styles of jackets, brooches are back on the fashion scene. Not only have they returned to recent high jewellery collections by Chanel, Boucheron, Chaumet and Chopard, but they are also once again on the mind of collectors, too, who are seeking out antique brooches of all types and descriptions. 

Cultural influences such as Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrated her 90th birthday this year and has a close affinity for brooches, and the new generation of women who think of jewellery as more than just bling, are shedding new light on these adornments of the past. But brooches didn’t start out like jewels. They began life as functional, utilitarian items that were used to secure pieces of clothing, like a loincloth. The first recorded brooches were made of thorns and flint, while pins crafted from metal date back to the Bronze Age.

Item Code - JEW11C253FDZ6B3

Width: 1 3/4"  Height: 2 1/8"  Depth: 3/8"  Weight: 23 g

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