Sarah Coventry's Gold-Tone Ornate Cascade Clip-On Earrings.

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Sarah Coventry's Gold-Tone Ornate Cascade Clip-On Earrings, The Earrings were Shown In The 1975 Spring Sarah Coventry Catalog.


Sarah Coventry was a line of jewellery introduced by Emmon's Jewelry Inc. in 1949, a company that was founded a year before by Lyman K. Stuart son of Charles H Stuart. However, his father is often credited as the founder in many references. It was named after his granddaughter Sarah Coventry Beale and it was a less expensive line than the Emmons brand, the line first launched by the company. Coventry jewellery wasn't sold in stores but was marketed and sold through house parties, even given away as prizes on game shows and beauty pageants. The design and manufacturing of both lines of jewellery were outsourced, however, their signature pieces did carry distinctive features such as, the use of Cabochons and Marquise cut rhinestones and Gold and Silvertone based metals that sometimes served as Openwork or Filigree backgrounds for symmetrically placed stones, More importantly, they were fun designs that incorporated eye-catching stones, beaded or enamelled metal fringes, and art masterpieces like the Mona Lisa. Items were marked SARAHCOV, SARAH, SAC, Sarah Cov, or COVENTRY copyrighted.

Item Code - JEW11C182FDZ1

Width: 9/16" [Each] Height: 2 1/2" [Each] Depth: 1/2" [Each] Total Weight: 10 g 

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