Hamilton 14k Diamond Lady's Watch.

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Hamilton 14k Diamond Lady's Watch.

The Hamilton Watch Company was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA, 1892 after the purchase of the Keystone Standard Watch Company which was going bankrupt. It was named after the Scottish born attorney Andrew Hamilton who founded and originally owned the Lancaster site where the factory situated. They succeeded to maintain 56% of market share during the time of railroad expansion, and all their productions were purchased by railroad companies. Later on, they even retooled their business model to service solely military needs and dropped production of consumer pieces. However, they would return to consumer production, and in 1957 Hamilton introduced the world's first Electric Watch known as the 'Hamilton Electric 500', and it became available in a variety of non-traditional styles of which Elvis Presley wore and featured in the movie 'Blue Hawaii'. Hamilton also developed the first Digital Electronic display clock through one they made for the 1968 science fiction film 'A Space Odyssey'. They teamed up with the company Electro-Data and created a LED prototype known as 'Pulsar' in 1970, and a model was ready for the public by April 4, 1972. It sold for $2,100 or in 2016 rates $12,300. Today, the Hamilton name brand is currently owned by The Swatch Group LTD.

Item Code - CLO12B1573WAR

Length: 6 1/2" [unlatched]  Width: 5/8" [case]  Height: 2 1/2" [worn length] 

Weight: 12 g

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