Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock, 1904, 8-Day, Marble Finish.

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Seth Thomas Adamantine Mantel Clock, Manufactured In 1904, Edwardian Era (1901-1910) 8-Day, Marble Finish Trims, Brass Lion Finials On Both Sides Of The Clock, Two Columns On Either Side Of Clock Face, Brass Feet Supporting Clock Base, Comes with Key and Pendulum Ball.


Seth Thomas is well known for their "Adamantine" black mantel clocks, which were made starting in 1882. Adamantine is a celluloid veneer, glued to the wood case. The adamantine veneer was made in black and white and in coloured patterns such as wood grain, onyx and marble.

The Seth Thomas Clock Company has a rich history in clockmaking. It was founded by Seth Thomas in Plymouth Hollow, Connecticut, back in 1813. Plymouth Hollow, which later became the town of Thomaston, was named after Seth Thomas.

Seth Thomas Clock Company manufactured various types of clocks, including longcase (grandfather) clocks, mantel clocks, wall clocks, and table-top clocks.

Seth Thomas clocks have earned a reputation for craftsmanship. Notably, many public tower clocks installed throughout the United States bear the Seth Thomas name.             OWN A PIECE OF CLOCK-MAKING HISTORY.

Overall, the Seth Thomas Clock Company played a significant role in American clockmaking history, leaving behind a legacy of quality timepieces.

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Width: 16 1/2''  Height: 11''  Depth: 6 5/8''  Weight: 2.722 kg

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