Army Officer’s Cap Badge, American Eagle with Stars and Stripes.

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Army Officer’s Cap Badge, American Eagle with Stars and Stripes.


Army Officer’s Cap Badge is 1 3/4" High and 1 1/2" Wide with Pin Post Attachment. The badge is die-struck alloy with a fire gilt finish. Badge takes the form of an American Eagle with stars and stripes on the shield that resides on the eagle's chest. The eagle's right claw holds laurel, while in the left claw, he holds a bundle of arrows. The scroll which is spread on the wings has the United States Motto of, "E Pluribus Unum." Which is Latin for, "Out of many, one." This is a direct reference to the thirteen colonies that are united as one nation. This motto was suggested by the first great sea committee in 1776. Above the scroll, there is around cloud with 13 stars in the middle. Again it alludes to the union.

Item Code - MIL1E496CAA

Width: 1 1/2"  Height: 1 3/4"  Depth: 1/2"  Weight: 11 g

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