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Japanese Samurai Tanto, Engraved Handle & Scabbard with Tiger Figures.

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Japanese Samurai Tanto, Beautifully Engraved Handle and Scabbard with Tiger Figures.


The Tanto was actually created and popularly used before the Wakizashi. Many documented reports of the Tanto date back to Japan's Heian Period from 794 to 1185, during this time, Samurai Warriors discovered the need for a smaller "companion." Which the Tanto sword was forged to be more aesthetically pleasing. The primary use of the Tanto was a type of stabbing weapon and slashing tool. It features a distinctively thick cross part which aids in piercing the enemy’s armour.

Prior to the Tanto's invention, Samurai Warriors carried a single, larger sword, such as the Katana. 

On the other hand, it was not until The 15th or 16th Century that the Wakizashi was used by Samurai as an auxiliary or backup sword for the Katana. Originally, this type of sword was used for close fighting to behead a defeated opponent or commit the seppuku, the ritual suicide. 

So what is Wakizashi vs Tanto, and what's the difference? While both the Wakizashi and Tanto swords originated from the same era, they both have their differences. The main difference between the two is their size. The Tanto's blade is shorter than the Wakizashi's, and they are both used in different ways during battle. 

Item Code - MIL8B211PVC

Width: 16"  Height: 2 3/8"  Depth: 2 5/8"  Weight: 659 g

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