Japanese Wakizashi Sword, Chrome Zinc Alloy Fittings, Lacquered Green.

  • $159.99 CAD

Handmade Japanese Wakizashi Sword, Full Tang Sharp, Chrome Zinc Alloy Fittings, Hand Grip Turquoise and White Synthetic Silk, The Saya or Scabbard or Sheath Lacquered Green.



The Wakizashi Sword Is a Traditional Japanese Sword Similar To The Katana Sword But Much Shorter. The Wakizashi Is On average about 20 Inches In Length. The Wakizashi was Usually worn Together with The Katana Sword By The Samurai Warriors Of Feudal Japan.



Item Code: MIL8B3722CG

Length: 21 1/2"  Height: 2"  Depth: 2 1/2"  Weight: 572 g

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