The Secrets Of Accessorizing Your Art Deco Interior Design.

To give your Art Deco decorating theme that professional ambience, you need to find the best suited decorative accessories.


Try to use stark geometric decorative items that complement the unique with geometric flair appeal of the Art Deco era. When purchasing pieces to spruce up your Art Décor design style, you'll want to focus on decorative accessories like pillows, artwork and knick-knacks.

Wall art is a fine way to add interest to your walls, however many homeowners don't know the right way to hang them. Individual works should be positioned so the middle of the piece is at eye level, not so that the bottoms or tops of the frames are positioned in a line as most people believe. If you have a number of artworks to put on one wall, try arranging them on the floor first to come up with the most ideal configuration. Arranging Art Deco travel posters or advertising simple black frames will work to add pizazz to the Art Deco decorating theme.

Consider adding leaded glass, chrome items, and plants for more of a feeling of the Art Deco era. You ought to acquire pieces that match with your overall room design. If you choose pieces without much thought, then you could end up ruining the feeling you are trying to pull off.

Knick Knacks can really provide a charming feeling to any room, no matter what the design style. To accent your art deco interior decorating, you should plan to buy accessories that have a unique with geometric flair feel. For a decorative touch try art deco style porcelain figures displayed in curio cabinets or adding alabaster lamps, statues and bookends about the room. You can infuse your own individual style to the interior design by buying accessories that mirror your unique style. If you don't have a lot of money, you could try looking at the local flea markets and garage sales where you can often discover great accessories for little money.

If you want to provide an intriguing touch to your decor, look at using decorative pillows. They're fun to obtain and you can utilize them in almost every room. In the kitchen or bathroom, a decorative pillow placed strategically on a hamper or chair will help to provide an interesting touch. Pillows on your couch or chair should help instil the art deco interior decorating feeling to the furniture. Pillows are a perfect complement to the bedroom when piled against the headboard. To ideally benefit your home decor, focus on pillows that have tufted buttons and fringe.

Using furniture and accessories with geometric lines can add charm and interest to your Art Deco decorating theme. You need to be sure, though, that you don't go out picking things wily nily or you could end up with a big mess. Also, think about the sizes you need that will help fill out the area. Pick your accessories with care and your design theme is certain to look fabulous!

By Lee Dobbins


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