Concert posters were printed up in small quantities for a very specific purpose.  Once their function was fulfilled, they were usually torn down and thrown away.  Nobody really saved them until rock-music collecting started becoming a serious hobby in the early- to mid-’70s. 

Most poster collectors also avoid reprints, or “knock-offs,” altogether. Although second and even third printings remain acceptable with the psychedelic crowd, most other poster collectors insist on an original. The extremely cheap prices found on even the best repros underscores this point. Actually, most music collectors probably have a reprint or two somewhere in their collection, maybe even framed on their wall, but only for decoration, not as a collectible.

For those without the money or the desire to buy on the open market, old posters can still be found in the nooks & crannies of the world. Swap meets and yard sales remain the best possible place if you combine the thrill of a totally unexpected discovery with the dirt-cheap prices that can be had. Word of mouth can be pretty effective, too.

So Go Out There, And Start Your Sign And Poster Collection, You Never Know You Might Find That Diamond In The Rough.



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