Folk Art

Since The Colonial Revival Of The Early 20th Century, Primitives Have Been Popular Collectibles. They’ve Long Been Sought By Old-House Restorers. What’s New Today Is The Use Of Antique and Rustic Objects In Modern Settings. Their Simplicity Of Form Is Seen To Complement Clean-Lined Furniture, From Rectilinear American Arts & Crafts Pieces To Mid-Century Modern and Beyond.

Whether They Live In an Old House Or a New One, Most Collectors Enjoy Each Primitive Or Rustic Object For Its Intrinsic Value. The Collection Is Evocative. Objects are Treated as Folk art, Grouped For Display Or arranged In a Pleasing “Art Corner.”

Carefully Chosen and Shown, Gallery-Style, against a Pale Wall, Primitives May Take On a Spare, almost Modern aspect. Objects May Be Grouped By Type, By Size, Or By Colour.



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