Hard Cover Book Entitled, "Reveries of a Bachelor" By IK. Marvel.

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Hard Cover Book Entitled, "Reveries of a Bachelor" By IK. Marvel, Signed By The Author, Published in 1852 By Charles Scribner.


Donald Grant Mitchell, pseudonym Ik Marvel, (born April 12, 1822, Norwich, Conn., U.S. died Dec. 15, 1908), American farmer and writer known for nostalgic, sentimental books on American life, especially Reveries of a Bachelor (1850).

Mitchell graduated from Yale in 1841 and then returned home to farm his ancestral land. In 1844 he was appointed the clerk to the U.S. consul at Liverpool, but poor health forced him to resign. Once back in America in 1846, he wrote newspaper articles for the Morning Courier and New York Enquirer under the pseudonym, Ik Marvel, also editing Lorgnette (1850), a satirical magazine that mocked cultivated New York society. His earliest books, Fresh Gleanings (1847) and The Battle Summer (1850), record incidents of his travels in Europe and the French revolution of 1848. With the publication of Reveries of a Bachelor he gained immediate fame, and in 1851 another volume, Dream Life, was published. His style is quiet, simple, and archaic, and he has been compared to Jerome K. Jerome, the English author of sentimental works.

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