Griffin Candlestick Holders a Set, Brass Mid-Century, Gothic Monsters.

  • $169.99 CAD

Griffin Candlestick Holders a Set, Brass, Mid-Century, These Gothic Fantasy Winged Monsters Fit Standard Taper Candlesticks, Very Cool Set.


When might you want to leave your brass piece tarnished? If the brass is an antique, take it to an appraiser before attempting to clean it. The tarnish could add value to your piece, or detract from it if you disturb the item’s natural finish.

And if you are disappointed to discover that what you thought was brass is simply brass-plated? Take heart that it is easier to clean, and still can look as shiny as the real thing.

Item Code - CAN13A193OAC

Width: 4 1/2"  Height: 7"  Depth: 7 3/4"  Weight: 562 g

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